New Places

We’ve been in our new home now for just over four months. Much of my spare time since the move has been spent on the less satisfying elements of shaping a new garden: endless sawing, hacking and trips to the tip to dispose of, mostly, leylandii; then there was the laying of the base for a new greenhouse, which nearly broke me. I’ve also turned the garden shed into an insulated and carpeted workspace, which for someone with my limited carpentry skills (see “sawing and hacking” above!) is no mean feat.

In between this frantic activity, I’ve occasionally managed to spend some time exploring the area and taking some photographs. This is proving to be a pleasure, especially with a bit of autumn mist and colour thrown in. One such place is Watton Priory, a remarkable Grade-1 listed building dating back to 1150, which hides away from public view but rewards a short walk off the main road. I’ll leave you to Google the Priory, but suffice to say that as it housed both monks and nuns, people did what people do, with tragic consequences for a couple of former inhabitants.

The woodland images shown here were taken over this weekend, in each case before heavy rain arrived. There are many beautiful trees to be found, including huge walnut, ancient oak and beech: I think I’ll make good friends with them over the years.

I’ve also ventured further afield, with a couple of days up in Teesdale spent mostly by waterfalls. High and Low Force are the photography honey pots in that part of the world, but my attention was drawn more to the banks of the Tees itself, perhaps, once again, because of those wonderful trees.

The colours of autumn will hopefully intensify over the next few weeks, so I’ll be out there whenever I can, making the most it all. 

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