Three Trees on Bealey's Lane

I noticed this view some weeks ago, when wandering down the lane. At the time the fields were still stubble, waiting to be ploughed, and in the far distance other trees and a farm were clearly visible. But I liked the arrangement of the three trees and the leading line of the culvert and grass. This, I thought, would make for a nice view in some mist. 

A few weeks later, the mist duly arrived and just after dawn I headed down the lane again and took this image and the tighter view you'll find in the Inland Colour section of my website. The fields, now ploughed, heighten the contrast between ground and sky; the mist separates the three trees from the distractions beyond; and that strong leading line is still there.

Shortly after taking this photograph, heavy rain came and I scuttled back home, somewhat soggy but satisfied.

It's a simple image, but one I like for exactly that reason. I hope you like it, too.

Camera settings: Nikon D850, 24-70mm lens at 26mm, ISO 100, 2.5 seconds at f/7.1

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