Lockington Pastoral

More or less every day, I walk across or alongside this pasture, and for that opportunity I'm thankful. We don't have much in the way of dramatic landscape here on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds (the land climbs beyond the village to a high point of over 800 feet ten or so miles away); here, we're in the flatlands, so when I just want to wander out from the house with my camera, I take what I can from the landscape that we have.

But it does look lovely at this time of year, doesn't it? This meadow is known as the Marsh (although in this house we call it the Bull Field, for reasons that are obvious in the photograph!), and at some point has been used as a cricket pitch, evidenced by the ancient heavy roller, marooned by the gate in one corner. These days, it's used for grazing sheep and cattle, and during late spring and early summer it's a mass of buttercups and other wild flowers. The Minster Way footpath, linking Beverley and York, runs across the fields, presenting walkers with the inevitable dilemma: walk around, or risk the bull?

I mentioned that it's known as the Marsh, and that's with good reason. A beck runs along the western edge and in winter, when the rain from the Yorkshire Wolds runs off the fields, the result can be seen in the other image below. It really does get wet!

Camera settings: Nikon D850, Nikon 24-70mm lens at 40mm; 1/160 second at f/11, ISO 100 , handheld

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