On Sunset

This time of year is often seen as problematic for landscape photographers. With the sun high in the sky during the day, light conditions can be harsh and with the days still lengthening, the best conditions require an extremely early start (even 4am is probably too late right now), or late finish.

I'd love to be able to photograph at the coast in the best possible light, but we're not quite close enough to make this practical on a regular basis. Plus, being on the east coast means those early starts are necessary to catch the best of the light; I envy those on the west coast who can have a lie-in and still benefit from great light at the end of the day.

I managed an hour's photography the other day, catching the last of the sun on a warm evening at the wonderful North Cliffe Wood, a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reserve nearby. In that hour, I spent my time in and around the silver birch trees on the heathland at the edge of the wood. The sun was so low that the light was below the tree canopy, illuminating only the trunks and surrounding grasses. 

The low light required a high ISO, and I adjusted the white balance in camera to ensure that it would capture the warm reflective glow of the tree bark. A light breeze was blowing, and with a relatively long exposure of 1/10th of a second a little movement in the leaves and grass was inevitable, for me the combination of camera setting was right for the conditions.

I made only about a dozen exposures before moving on, but all have been worth processing and you'll see others in the Inland Colour and Inland Mono sections on my site.

Silver and Gold III is available now in my shop, and other images from the series can be ordered by contacting me.

Camera settings: Nikon D850, 24-70mm lens at 46mm, ISO 640, 1/10 of a second at f/14

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